In Collaboration with Birgit Graggaber

Artwork for the band Milk+
Album: Who was Mr Feldman

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ehold, there shall come three, bringing you salvation and freeing you of the chains of rigidity. And with them shall come the wisdom of a future past and the abolishment of the slavery of endlessly recurring pasts. Their melodies shall rouse you and make you see: you yourself determine what you desire to hear. Onward by your own command. Freedom through inspiration.
(Book of Stones 4:40)


Following the words of Lokk Lammond, Milk+ have embarked on a journey, equipped with a blend of catchy melodies, innovative structures and rhythmical complexity. In their album »Who was Mr Feldman« the band attempts to achieve a change in musical aesthetics and a revaluation of creative self-realization in contrast to the sales-oriented commercialization of cyclically recurring plagiarism.